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                                                               we resist the urge to label it street/leisure/active/recovery wear… it is EVERY WEAR. It is for anyone in our #acerogang on any day and in any place; gym, home, street, work, recovery, play, loving, laughing and training hard in WEAR ACERO. WEAR ACERO allows us freedom of movement - to be playful with ourselves and relaxed in our progression through our days. When we aren't working out, we don’t take ourselves too seriously and comfort is a key we use to unlock our potential for greatness. WEAR ACERO garments allow us freedom to be, ever evolving, with infinite power.  


beyond definition...

WEAR ACERO is the organic evolution of the ACERO community. We are ACERO and we WEAR ACERO. Our garments reveal our sense of belonging and place in the ACERO universe, a space that extends far beyond our workouts, into a state of mind. WEAR ACERO can be worn every day and EVERY WEAR. Chic, casual and functional, designed by people who embody edgy street vibes, who don’t want to scream ‘We Workout’. We roll from lunch to work feeling confident and casual, but with a fkn vibe.  We extend our community beyond the traditional workout space with WEAR ACERO as ACERO is borderless and boundless. #acerogang… If a vibe were a badge of honour, that’s exactly how we wear it, with pride and recognition to show we are a part of something bigger than ourselves, to feel connected to our people in any place, at any time, our #onecommunity. WEAR ACERO is comfort personified, identifiable and functional garments that allow us to live, lunch, work, or drop and give you twenty pushups/planks/bear crawls whenever, wherever (or hit the D floor, however you want to slay that day). It is a state of being, of belonging, and of becoming. Be part of ACERO #onecommunity and WEAR ACERO, a movement for people who love movement. 

Inspired by the power of the ACERO GYM community and by the strength of its clients and trainers, WEAR ACERO was created by Jono and Amy Castano, ACERO founders. Jono and Amy’s desire for oneness and unity during the 2020 Pandemic and lockdown galvanised them to action, and their mutual talents in Jono’s 13 years of fitness training, and Amy’s background in finance and creativity converged and birthed WEAR ACERO. WEAR ACERO is a natural evolution of the community of clients and trainers within ACERO. We wear it, and we take that ACERO pride wherever we go. We may be training with each other, with a megastar, or we may be training with you, but we are all one ACERO, together. ACERO WEAR garments give exceptional wear. Clearly branded, WEAR ACERO garments are a vibe, they are bold statements of connection through belonging. When we WEAR ACERO and the motivation strikes, we are good to go. Adorning ourselves in WEAR ACERO, we embody the ACERO #onecommunity lifestyle and move freely through life on our own terms with big hearts and hard work. Freedom of movement with boundless restriction. WEAR ACERO 24/7 like planets orbiting in the universe of great vibes, our WEAR ACERO garments are the mobile embodiment of our ACERO #onecommunity. 

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